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1. How do I order your Home Plans? 16. What do detailed floor plans show?
2. How many Home Plan sets do I need to order? 17. What is the "Foundation Plan"?
3. How can I re-order plans? 18. Do your plans show Cross-Sections?
4. ordering Mirror Reverse copies of a plan? 19. Electrical and Heating Layout?
5. Will your plans meet our local building codes? 20. Can you supply Site Plans?
6. Determine the cost of building a house that I choose? 21. Can you provide a Materials List?
7. Can your Home Plans be modified or customized? 22. How can I contact you?
8. Can I make Foundation and Exterior Wall Changes?  
9. Do you develop Custom Designed Homes?  
10. What is your exchange policy for blueprints?  
11. What are copyright regulations for your plans?  
12. What is a "Frontal Sheet"?  
13. What is the "Exterior Elevation"?  
14. Do you include basement development in your plans?  
15. How do I know whether I need an Engineer's Report?  
PDF Purchasing  
23. PDF Packages Available?  
24. PDF Lisence Use?  
25. How Long Can I use The PDF File ?  
26. Receving And Sending A PDF?  
Spectrum Canada House Plans
Spectrum Canada House Plan
Spectrum Canadian House Plans
Spectrum Canadian House Plan
Spectrum Custom House Plans
Spectrum Custom House Plan